Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Last presentations of the year...

Hello everybody! 

We are here to show you the last presentations that we've had for this course. As you'll see, they've made a great effor and a really good job, all of them!

First, we go with Isabel, June, Jaqueline, Leire and Iker's works!

And we continue with Ane, David, Cipri and Robert!

Now come Markel, Ugaitz, Omaima and Nekane!

Next, we've got Naroa, Nora, Yasser and Raul!

We continue with a big group, formed by Maren, Mikel, Haizea, Nagore and Fabiana!

And to finish, we've got Eneko, Aimar, Naroa and Josune's presentations!

Did you like them? We hope you did, because, as we said before, they've been working hard to do them, and they are very happy!

We still have a few more videos to show, so stay connected the next days.

See you around!